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410 de Louisiane - Paddle Race 11

Event Date: September 30th, 2017

To compete in the 410 de Louisiane (410 miles from Shreveport to Berwick), racers must finish the 275-mile, round-the-clock Tour de la Rivière Rouge within 129 hours (see Race 10) and the 135-mile Tour du Teche (Race 1) from Port Barre to Berwick. Louisiane racers must comply with the rules of Rivière Rouge when on that segment and with the rules of Tour du Teche 135 when in that segment of the race. Both segments must be completed by the same team in the same boat. Because of the varying conditions and the sheer length, this is one of the toughest paddle races in the country. Visit http://tourduteche.com/ for more information.

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