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Louisiana State Capitol

Subject: History, Art

900 N. 3rd St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

(225) 342-7317 | General Information
(225) 342-7317 | Reservations

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State Capitol Welcome Center

P.O. Box 94291
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

General Public Hours and Admission Rates: Daily, 8:00am – 4:30pm, Observation Tower closes at 4:00pm; Free

School Tour Hours and Admission Rates: Daily, 8:30am – 3:30pm, Observation Tower closes at 4:00pm; Free

  • Student to Chaperone Ratio Requested: None
  • Advanced Time Needed to Make Reservations: One week
  • Number of Students per Visit: Unlimited; Observation Tower Up to 70
  • Suggested Length of Time for Visit: 90 minutes
  • Handicapped Accessible: Yes
  • Grade Level Appropriate: 4th – 12th
  • Lunch Facilities: Students may use the on-site snack shop and cafeteria. Teachers can make advance plans for boxed lunches. The historic Arsenal Park, adjacent to the Capitol is available for picnics.
  • Gift Shop: Yes
  • Bus parking available


Tell Us About It!

On top of the world! That’s what students feel like when they visit the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. The 450-foot art deco capitol building is the tallest building in town and represents the legislative powers that govern our state. It is in contrast to Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building, also a museum, which was built in 1849 in the Gothic style. In 1932, the state government moved into the new towering capitol building built by Governor Huey P. Long. Fronted by formal gardens, the carved limestone exterior is full of images and history. The Capitol Park Visitor Center will offer helpful information for visiting groups. The elevated entrance is reached by climbing 49-steps, one for each state in the Union from that time period. The walls and floors in Memorial Hall are lined with marble and bronze relief sculptures, murals, and handsome paintings. Guided and self guided tours begin here. Students may visit the legislative chambers and ride the elevator up 27-floors to visit the observation tower.

What Can We See and Do There?

Teachers can visit on short notice or plan a more in-depth experience for students at the Louisiana State Capitol. They can opt for a guided tour or choose to self-guide their classes. It is possible to contact the offices of your senator or representative and arrange for the legislator to meet and greet your students. Sometimes, if schedules allow, students may visit the Governor’s office. Students take time to learn about the outstanding art deco artwork and architecture throughout the first floor. In Memorial Hall, they see the bronze map of Louisiana surrounded by the names of 64 parishes. Then students may visit the marked spot where U.S. Senator Huey P. Long was assassinated in the executive corridor. The Senate Chambers are to the west, and the House Chambers are to the east. Students hear about the law-making process during a presentation in the legislative chambers

How Do We Get There?

From I-10 to I-110 north, take Exit 1-E/Capitol Access and follow signs to the State Capitol.

Bad Weather! Now What Do We Do?

This field trip can go on in cases of inclement weather. The observation deck may be closed due to hard rain, storms, or high winds.

What can we visit nearby?

Guided tours of the New Governor’s Mansion (225) 342-5855; Old Arsenal Powder Magazine (free to groups) (225) 342-0401

Louisiana State Educational Benchmarks and Standards
  • K-4th grades: C-1A-E1-7; C-1B-E1-2; C-1D-E4-5; H-1A-E1-3; H-1C-E1-4
  • 5th-8th grades: C-1A-M1-10; C-1B-M5-6; C-1D-M2-5; H-1A-M1-6; H-1D-M1-4, 6
  • 9th-12th grades: C-1A-H1-2, 4-5; C-1B-H4-6; C-1D-H1-4; H-1A-H1-6
What Can We Do In Class Before Our Field Trip?

Teachers can call their senator or representative to request copies of the Louisiana State Capitol activity book and coloring books. Teachers may also ask for a video about the State Capitol by contacting the Public Information House of Representatives at (225) 343-9795.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Out Your Field Trip Benefits

Help students learn about their parish legislators and write letters on behalf of an issue concerning your class, or simply send a thank you note for the field trip to the capitol.


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