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Waterways and Structures explores the science, geography, and history of the Atchafalaya as a river system as well as the process of delta building and man’s attempts to control the river. Natural Resources, Habitat and Environment highlights the significance of Louisiana’s wetlands, the variety of plants and wildlife that can be found in the Basin as well as the economic significance of the Basin region. History and Culture investigates the development and features of each parish as well as the history and cultural development of the region.

The Atchafalaya curriculum is composed of three manuals, each containing cross-curricular activities for elementary, middle and high school grades. The manuals can be used independently or in conjunction with one another. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on vocabulary development, creative and critical thinking, student investigation, problem solving, math development, the arts and communication skills.

All instructional strategies and classroom activities are based on National Common Core Standards. There is an emphasis on encouraging students to play an active role in documenting, investigating, interpreting, and preserving the unique physical and cultural features of the region. Additionally, service learning encourages students to make a difference in their community and become committed to preserving the future of the area. Click on the thumbnails below to access our downloadable curriculum.

The Curriculum in 3 Volumes:



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