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Acadian Memorial & African American Museum

Subject: History

121 S. New Market St.
St. Martinville, LA 70582

(337) 394-2258 | General Information
(337) 394-2233 | Reservations
(337) 394-2265 | Fax

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General Public Hours and Admission Rates: Open daily, 10:00am – 4:00pm, seven days a week, except for holidays. Acadian Memorial: $2.00 per person age 12 and up, $1.00 age 6-11, and 5 years and under, free. $2.00 per person to visit Heritage Cultural Center

School Tour Hours and Admission Rates: Daily, 10:00am – 3:00pm; $2.00 Students, Free for Chaperones; $2.00 per person to visit Heritage Cultural Center; Teachers free up to 4

  • Student to Chaperone Ratio Requested: 20:1
  • Time Needed to Make Reservations: One week
  • Number of Students per Visit: Up to 35
  • Suggested Length of Time for Visit: 90 minutes
  • Handicapped Accessible: Yes, wheelchair available
  • Grade Level Appropriate: 3rd – 12th
  • Lunch Facilities: Picnic area on-site; Full service and fast food restaurants are in the area.
  • Gift Shop: Yes
  • Bus parking available by calling (337) 394-2233


Tell Us About It!

At the Acadian Memorial visitors discover who the Acadians were and why they came to Louisiana. Experience the magnificent mural at Acadian Memorial, a monument to the 3,000 men, women, and children who found refuge in Louisiana in the 18th century.  This museum retells the dramatic journey of the Acadians who were exiled from eastern Canada by British forces.  What was life like for these French speaking refugees in colonial America?  How did they find their way to Louisiana? Teachers or field trip leaders prepared to spark students’ imaginations will find this site to be an excellent setting to tell this historic tale illustrated with art, sculpture, and gardens. This site is located in Evangeline Oak Park in St. Martinville.  Student activities are available in French and English and include hands-on opportunities.


What Can We See and Do There?

At the Acadian Memorial located in the heart of Cajun Country visitors learn about some of the historical events and traditions of Acadian heritage. Permanent exhibits include History of Acadia (1604-1763), Arrival and Establishment of Acadians in Louisiana (1764-1810), Acadian to Cajun (1810-2000), and Evangeline. Exhibits include interactive displays and ethnographic art-prints. Students enjoy stopping to view Bayou Teche from the Eternal Flame Garden. The Eternal Flame burns in memory of all exiled Acadians. Students go to Memorial Hall to view The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana, a 12-foot mural by Robert Dafford enhanced with an audio-visual interactive program which narrates the story of the historic exile. Students may make a stop at the Wall of Names that lists the names of the 3,000 Acadians who found refuge in Louisiana.  The self-guided tour winds down in the multimedia center where students are engaged in a hands-on activity about the story of a particular Acadian who came to Louisiana in the 1700s. 


How Do We Get There? 

From I-10, take exit 109 and travel south on LA 31 for 15 miles to St. Martinville. From U.S. Hwy. 90, exit at Cade/St. Martinville, and travel north on LA 96 for 8 miles to St. Martinville. 

 Bad Weather! Now What Do We Do?

Call to confirm rainy day plans.

Louisiana State Educational Benchmarks and Standards
  • K-4th grades: G-1A-E1-2; G-1B-E2; G-1C-E2-4; G-1D-E2; H-1A-1E1-2; H-1B-E1-2; H-1C-E1, 3-4; H-1D-E1; ELA-6-E1; ELA-7-E1-4
  • 5th - 8th grades: G-1A-M1; G-1B-M2, 4; G-1C-M2-4; G-1D-M1-2; H-1A-M1-5; H-1D-M1-2, 4, 6; ELA-6-M1; ELA-7-M1-4
  • 9th – 12th grades: G-1B-H1-4; H-1C-H2; H-1A-H1-2, 4, 6; H-1B-H1; ELA-6-H1; ELA-7-H1-4
What Can We Do In Class Before Our Field Trip?

Visit the Acadian Memorial website and click on Attention Educators and What to Expect. Call, fax, email or write the Acadian Memorial and ask for the pre-visit materials.  The materials provide language arts activities using historical pictures and history facts. Practice your French and get ready for an Acadian field trip!

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Out Your Field Trip Benefits

Call, fax, email or write the site to ask for the post-visit materials. They recommend a role-playing activity and provide a lesson plan.  Teachers can find more classroom ideas on the museum’s website. 


Louisiana history, American history, world history, geography, genealogy, art, Acadian cultural heritage, French and English language arts


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